Endowment Fund


All cheques shall be payable to “ Ophthalmological Society of Pakistan” The funds of the society shall be deposited in bank approved by the executive committee of the branch concerned. The account shall be operated jointly by the President,the Secretary and the Treasurer.Any two of the above shall be the signatories Funds,income and property of the society from what ever source derived shall be applied solely towards promotion of the aims and objects of the society and no portion there of shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend,profit,bonus or otherwise to any member or office bearer of the society. 20% of the registration fee at any conference under auspices of OSP will be given to the office of the President (center) within four weeks form the date of congress. The President center shall give an account of the same at the next general body meeting.

Register Of Membership

The treasurer of a branch shall maintain a register of members, which shall bear the names, qualifications and addresses of the members with the provision of a column for change of addresses and qualifications and telephone numbers. The register shall be open to all members for inspection during office hours by previous arrangement. The treasurer shall maintain a separate list for change of address of members. The central office will keep a central register of all members belonging to all branches.